Friday, January 8, 2016


Although not a photo from Granny Ross' photo album this image is a complement to my last posting.  It was donated by another cousin, Karen Ross Niewald from Missouri.  Bringing a photo collection together that helps to add interest to our family's history is pretty awesome. Thank you Karen!

In this photo Hollis Ross, Granny Ross' oldest child is holding David Charles Ross, who is her last born.  Hollis is about 21 or 22 years old in this image.  It's another great photo showing us a proud family of their newest member as well as giving us a glimpse into a poor southern family's farm lifestyle.

The picture was taken in the Gurdon, Arkansas area around July 1936. Hollis is squatting, presumably for the amaetur photographer to capture more of the landscape behind him.  It's felt the photo's location in the yard was chosen to possibly show off a prized rose bush that is closest to Hollis' right shoulder.  Also in the background on the far right is a section of fencing that appears to define the yard.  The other bushes may also be hiding from the house view a working pen or garden area.

Ross, Hollis and David C. Photograph. ca 1936. Original image. Privately held by Lin Eakin Watson Hot Springs, Arkansas.