Thursday, February 4, 2016


Each family has one of those photos they probably wish would never be shared. This vintage photo of me and my older siblings is probably the one for our family! I couldn't resist sharing it again.  This time with the blogosphere!

In this 1954 picture, we are still living in San Francisco. I believe this snapshot was taken in the backyard of the house near Dolores Park in the Mission District. We had good times in that park!

The photographer was most likely our Mother, who was more focused on us and our great Easter digs. She was probably taking the photo to share with family back home in Arkansas. Apparently she didn't see the clothesline with one of my brother's underwear air drying. If she did, it didn't register that she would be documenting our laundry drying on the clothesline for eternity. Although I was too young to understand, I bet there was quite a bit of laughter about his unmentionables once the film was developed!

In 1998, I decided all my siblings needed a copy of this photo for their Christmas gift with the five of us all decked out in our Easter Sunday best.  I found a local photo shop in our Honolulu neighbor where my husband and I were living at the time. I asked the store owner if he could enlarge the snapshot to a 5x7 size.  He agreed and as he started writing my order, he insisted that I crop out the underwear.  He apparently didn't agree with my sense of humor.  He didn't think my brother's underwear was an appropriate image for the enlargement! It took me a little persuading to leave the image of the whitey tighties hanging on the clothesline.  I'm glad I convinced him to leave in the undies, since my siblings and our Mother got a big chuckle that Christmas about this special family memory.